han seok kyu mesmerising as doctor kim


Korean netizens and viewers are going ballistic over Han Seok Kyu in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim – the drama netted 21.7 per cent viewership for its eighth episode, cementing the fact that SBS has been doing well with its medical dramas this year. Seo Hyun Jin is fantastic as usual but Han Seok Kyu is charismatically brilliant, brilliantly charismatic as the quirky genius surgeon who pretty much does things his way. While at that, he inspires younger doctors, even reluctant, petulant ones. Netizens have hailed Han Seok Kyu’s “crazy acting” – which just means unbelievably, incredibly excellent – as the main reason why the drama is steadily gaining traction and winning people over.

Each episode is interesting and revisits age-old questions doctors struggle with, especially when it comes to integrity, morals and a genuine heart for patients. I’m not too certain how accurately and realistically presented the medical aspects are, but each operation our titular Doctor Kim helms is fascinating – more fascinating is how he manages his ability and capability each time, while having to babysit the younger doctors and the rest of his team. Whatever he says makes you pause and think, mulling whether he is right, or making the right decision.

Seo Hyun Jin has mastered the art of combining vulnerability, pluckiness, sass and sweetness, delivering yet another entertaining, charming performance. She makes it so easy for viewers to feel what she is feeling, wearing her emotions on her sleeves. Yoo Yeon Seok, unfortunately, has been overwhelmed and overshadowed by his the two co-stars he spends most of his scenes with. This is largely because of Dong Joo’s character arc, which I find increasing annoying but I have faith he will revert back to the fiery, honest Dong Joo who kissed his senior senseless after a madcap operation.

I’m impressed with Yang Se Jong, the rookie acting as Do Il Bum. Again, it is because of the way the steely young doctor’s character is written that makes it worth my while. But he is holding his own very well with his more experienced co-stars – I admit I find him to be more compelling on screen than Yoo Yeon Seok. Plus, I thought he handled his operation scenes with Han Seok Kyu extremely proficiently. He has good height and carries himself well. He is also attractive in a very cool, unique way. I looked him up and his bio states that he’ll be acting in Saimdang, Lee Young Ae’s long-waited comeback drama. His acting is still a little raw, but he has screen presence and painless to watch. Another young actor I’m keen to check out.

I’m wondering whether SBS is already prepping more medical dramas for 2017…