the 1st kiss: lee jun ki


SWOOON FEST. The first of the seven Lotte web drama stories has been released and first up is LEE JUN KI. Lotte has kindly included English-subbed versions so I don’t have to translate! The 12-minute clip is hilarious as well because only the female lead is aware of the seven men’s true identities while everyone else believes in their alternate identities – thanks to a bit of magic wand waving by Choi Ji Woo. I swear Lee Jun Ki is carrying some of Wang So in him still because the character feels and emotes so much like Wang So with that slight, devlish smirk. SWWWWWWOOOOOON. Help. I’m dissolving, melting, evaporating…

Next up is a very suave-looking Park Hae Jin… who induces his own brand of swoon as well. Can’t wait.

I’ll add the first clip released, which features Choi Ji Woo.