super supernatural


She can see the sword! I think Kim Eun Sook has outdone herself with her new drama since I’m captivated by the main characters, and the storyline three epsiodes in. Kudos to Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Go Eun, Yuk Sung Jae and Yoo In Na for making their characters unique and intriguing respectively in their own way. I’m relieved Kim Go Eun is finally settling into her role and her chemistry with Goo Yoo is minimalist magnetic, their scenes together gut-wrenching. My heart lurched and flipped with trepidation each time they met in Episode 3 and for some reason, I felt like bawling at all their scenes, with emotional conflict and desperation simmering beneath their brave facades.

The ecclectic bromance between goblin and grim reaper continues to be the highlight of the drama, with both actors dryly wonderful in their roles. Their pettiness and growing mutual affection is beyond funny… epecially how miserable and put-out grim reaper looked when goblin announced that he was leaving Korea. Those mournful puppy dog eyes… HAHAHAHAHA. That and how hurt he was by goblin’s uncalled-for verbal attack… with goblin apologising after. Cuteness. And the grim reaper’s tears when he bumped into Sunny. That scene was a hoot, too.

How much do you love two male immortals moping over human females in tandem??? Grim Reaper has Sunny’s mobile number but possesses no phone, while goblin has a mobile phone but doesn’t have Eun Tak’s number. HA. Cue to more sappy frustration and repressed, pouty longing. When the old butler returned and grim reaper attempted to be on friendly terms with goblin…. the stilted wave! Goblin’s subsequent snarky rejection with that big, fat smiley smirk! Awesome. Gong Yoo is soo silly here and I love it.


We are given a preview of the painful romance ahead for Kim Shin and Eun Tak. The arrested look in his eyes mixed with a hint of despair that Eun Tak could see the sword embedded in him… omo… I think he is already more in love wih his destined bride than she is of him. Which makes it all the more torturous to watch as they fall deeper in love, with a clueless Eun Tak thinking she has a lifelong life of marital bliss in front of her.

Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun have a very subtle, almost intellectual, slow-burn chemistry that I wholly contribute to acting chops. They demand their characters share a delicately lovely chemistry loaded with unspoken feelings, guarded wariness, suppressed longing and emotional turbulence. Their portrayals are straightforward, clear-cut but swathed with a vulnerability that draws you in. I loved their interactions in this episode. I thought the umbrella scene was so well done. The way he awkwardly patted her head…awwww….