the man living in our house holds wrap party


I haven’t watched the last episode of the drama yet but I think overall, it was a win for Su Ae and Kim Young Kwang despite the poor TV ratings. Su Ae showed she could do intelligent and elegant even in a rom-com since I love Hong Na Ri to bits. Loved it when Na Ri blithely declared to her Nan Gil: “Welcome to my life.” Love her confidence and the aiblity to have her own mind and unshakeable personal stand, which is rather rare in dramaland for female leads.

As I mentioned before, Kim Young Kwang surprised me since I genuinely liked him as the steadfast, stoic Nan Gil. I think working with an experienced, luminous Su Ae must had done wonders and humbled him a little for a good cause since he did well in his first lead role for a mainstream network. Before this drama, I always felt he came across a little too entitled and arrogant, with a ready smirk in place. But here, he seems to be have matured and kudos to him for having palatable chemistry with Su Ae and holding his own against her charismatic screen presence. I wonder what’s next on Su Ae’s plate… I’m guessing a movie.

By the way, where was Lee Soo Hyuk? I think he languished a little in his secondary role in this drama so I’m hoping he’ll pick something more dymanic for his next project.






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