cheery off and on camera


I find it hilarious that Lee Jong Suk finds its awkward playing himself… which translates to everyday him filming some CF similar to this? I was amused when he commented that his jawline isn’t as strong as he would like it to be because kissing scenes only look good with a prominent side profile. But even funnier is how he compliments the actress for having a nice jawline. Honestly, the only reason why I notice Korean actors’ jawlines during kissing scenes in the first place is because the kisses are always so static in dramas, with the ladies barely moving, muscles all stiffened. So I switch my attention to admiring the actors’ chiselled jawlines.

So it’s rather ironic that the actors themselves are similarly aware of that fact… mayhap they too focus more on making the kiss look good rathan than piling on the passion? But can’t blame them if the actress in question isn’t Kim Tae Hee, Seo Hyun Jin or Su Ae…since the trio are part of the rare few that actually kiss their co-stars back with equal measure.