preview: guardian: the lonely and great god episode 9


AIshhhhhhhh… does our bride want to make happy, unforgettable memories before doing the deed or pulling a disappearing act? She makes bittersweet memories with both Goblin and Grim Reaper, wrenching from these otherworldly beings genuine warmth, rare smiles with her sparkling human touch. I absolutely love the segment of the trio, with Eun Tak in the middle, embracing the two men, as if trying her darnest to keep them by her side, in the human universe. There is something so poignant and heart-breaking of those few seconds of honest camaraderie and wide, happy smiles… I can’t wait to see what this weekend would bring.

Eun Tak decides to pack up and leave Goblin Mansion. I assume the two immortals try to find her because Shin says in the voiceover that he doesn’t believe Eun Tak is dead since she survived perfectly fine residing with a goblin and a grim reaper under one roof. True. Eun Tak probably ran away because she doesn’t want to pull out the sword since she doesn’t want Shin to die. It’s a rather warped, reversed notion of noble idiocy.

When Shin does find her, she warns him that she’ll really take her life if he dares appear in front of her once again. Exhausted from running away from her cursed groom, Eun Tak collapses on the snowy ground in tears, muttering, ” I love you.”

I love you three, too.