park bo geom + seol hyun host kbs gayo awards 2016


Seol Hyun sticks to her Go-To white for big events as she co-hosts KBS Gayo Awards 2016 with IT boy, Park Bo Geom, this evening, Seoul- time. I like how they look together, matched in age and height. Then again, Seol Hyun has the ability to look compatible with almost any young, good-looking guy. I haven’t actually seen her look bad with anyone. Just wish she’ll change up the white gowns for more interesting styles for red-carpet happenings. I remember seeing her in black once and thought she looked sleek. I like Park Bo Geom but I dislike the way he is styled most of time. It’s so easy for him to look good with his classic charm! Anyway, these two will be busy the entire night with their emcee duties so all the best to them.