why i’ve have fallen for the lonely, shining goblin


The past two episodes really sealed the deal, especially with the more comprehensive retrospective insights in Kim Shin’s past as a loyal warrior, brother and servant. But I’m enjoying the present time equally, with so many interesting, intriguing, heart-rendering relationships all around.

Goblin X Grim Reaper
I believe this is the universal highlight to fans of this drama. I’ve never been so amused, entertained and thoroughly enchanted by any bromance before Goblin and Grim Reaper bickered their way into my drama universe. I mean I absolutely adored the love and loyalty displayed by Baek Ah and Wang So in Scarlet Heart, but this beats it slightly because it is so childish and nonsensical.  Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook have such crackling chemistry – backed by their behind-the-scenes close friendship, they deliver the zany, silly and the weird each time.  Of course, their grudgingly burgeoning relationship from enemy to frenemy to friends is heart-warming to watch. I so want them to reconcile their 900-year feud with hugs, and more hugs.  I love their heroic slow-mos accompanied by bad-ass music… and leeks.


Goblin X Bride
I admit it took me a couple of episodes to warm to the pairing, even more since Eun Tak is just so chippy and chirpy. But I have fallen in love with the way they are falling in love. It’s subtle and ambiguous – not quite friendship, not quite romance… more of a squishy yet stirring friends-with-innocent-benefits kinda thing for now.  It’s sweet and bittersweet how Shin is like a little boy whenever he is around Eun Tak – there is no mention of previous lovers or even a wife when he was a macho general in the Goryeo era. I was a little surprised General Shin did not have a family but I suspect he probably started fighting in wars from a very young age along with his father that he had no time or space or residual emotions to settle down or think of romance.

I LOVE, LOVE the kiss at the pojangmacha. If there was ever a lovely static kiss, that was it. I loved what he said before he kissed her: “I’m not avoiding [kissing you]. It was hard enough to avoid kissing you the first time.” It was so swoony…though half the time I was oogling at Gong Yoo’s manly hands and defined jawline.  I was fine with Eun Tak being all stiff and unmoving since she is a rather studious, inexperienced high-schooler (Kim Go Eun has no qualms with kissing scenes so this awkwardness is definitely on purpose) but she made it up by kissing him back cutely after. It was sooooo adorable and moving how Gong Yoo smiled so earnestly after they parted, like he cherished her first proper kiss as much as she did and was happy to be part of it. I have replayd the scene soooooo many times.


Kim Shin X Kim Seon
I would love to have a brother like Shin. I thought that scene where Seon was being carried in a palanquin and Shin suddenly moves into her line of sight, walking soundlessly beside her like the silent protector he is, was achingly beautiful. How Seon knew how much her brother was worried about her and reassured him, her eyes filling with tears when he tells her gruffly that as a sister of a warrior, no news is good news. I was so touched by the whole exchange though Shin was teasing Seon most of the time, the underlying gravity of their situation was known to the siblings yet neither wanted to worry the other. It’ s an all-embracing, all-understanding relationship where each sibling would die literally to protect the other. It always squeezes my heart when tough, hardened warriors adore their little sisters to death.