the king loves holds script reading + bts shots


Yoona is certainly romancing up in her dramas – she had a contract marriage with a prime minister and now a king loves her. MBC’s upcoming sageuk, The King Loves, held its first script reading and I’m amused Hong Jong Hyun jumped from one sageuk to another so quickly. Inspired by Jun Ki Hyung, maybe? Lee Jun Ki could probably do 10 sageuks in a row with his eyes closed.

Im Shi Wan is one of those quietly formidable actors and it’s going to be glaring if Yoona and Hong Jong Hyun do not hold themselves well against him. I love Yoona and her acting has been improving steadily with each project. But I sincerely hope she gives more than her absolute all for this drama since sageuks can be unforgiving – cue IU in Scarlet Heart who could have singlehandedly ruined the drama for me if not for the awesomeness of Lee Jun Ki.

There are a couple of BTS snaps swimming around and the OTP does look decent. Can’t wait for MBC to release more stills and the first teaser.