fabricated city


Ji Chang Wook’s new movie, Fabricated City, looks all sorts of cool and fun. He plays a top virtual gamer who get framed in real life for a murder I’m assuming he did not commit. To unravel the truth, he engages a hacker to help him. The film also stars Shim Eun Kyung who plays the helpful hacker. The cast and director were up and about to promote the movie, which is premiering soon. Yoona will turn up for the VIP premiere if she is free, yeah? Haha. I don’t ship them in real life – I will most likely ship Yoona and Taecyeon forever – but I loved their chemistry in The K2.






HA. Now I understand why Ji Chang Wook doesn’t want to do action flicks for a bit. This movie was filmed quite some time ago and it’s riddled with explosive stunts and action. Doing this, Healer and then, The K2, in a span of two years is probably pretty taxing on his body and health.

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