laughter + cuteness


I just watched the movie, Canola, and Kim Go Eun was great in that. I suspect the reason why she isn’t her usual shining self in The Lonely, Shining Goblin is because Eun Tak is more of a plot device rather than a well-written character. But then again, I like how playful she and Gong Yoo are off camera. I actually think they have good chemistry in the drama despite Eun Tak being poorly characterised.

Gong Yoo is so adorable. Ha. Anyway, in the scene with the candles, he likens himself and Kim Go Eun to Park Shin Yang and Jeon Do Yeon in the 1998 movie, A Promise, which was about an ill-fated love between a triad leader and a doctor. Well, they have both worked with Jeon Do Yeon in film: Gong Yoo played lovers with her in A Man and A Woman while Kim Go Eun played her daughter in Memories of the Sword. I’ve watched both movies and enjoyed them immensely.

Plus, I loved the epic slow-mo scene of our men with their leeks. The BTS is hilarious too.

Some pics of Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Go Eun:

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