painful parting


OMMMOOO. I didn’t expect myself to be so affected by Shin’s expected separation with Eun Tak, but boy, did I bawl my eyes out when it happened. I have sniffled a little all around for the last few episodes but Episode 13 had me in tears from the part Shin brought Eun Tak for a trip and literally was shattered with pain and agony after as he recalled their good times, and Eun Tak stating naively previously she wished for a sad love. And then came their last desperate kiss and their heart-breaking parting. Not much talking or OTT drama – just heartrending tears and sincere confessions of love. I never loved Gong Yoo so much. I just love Kim Go Eun more. I’m glad I kept my faith with Kim Go Eun because if Kim Eun Sook needed her only to deliver when it was time for Eun Tak and Shin to part, the actress more than held up her side of the bargain. This is literally the first time Kim Eun Sook has made me cry. Amazing. I love the OTP scenes so much in this episode that I catalogued their feelings and expressions.

We’ll start with the bittersweet and stolen happy moments. Shin finally figures out he has to use the sword embedded in him to get rid of the evil eunuch forever. It’s a cruel fate since it means Shin has to die to put an end to the evil eunuch who has been instigating all of Eun Tak’s near brushes with death. Thus, of course, he decides to make his last happy memories with Eun Tak.

They go on a whirlwind trip where they cook, read and cuddle together. Shin is so happy yet morose here that it splinters my heart. That last part when they fool around and their laughter fades… OUCH. I love the understated chemistry between Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun. Post happy trip, he weeps as he reminisces about their sweet times together. GAH. I was crying together with Shin or well, Gong Yoo who was just raw here in his grief.







We jump to the part where Shin kick starts his plan to trap and kill evil eunuch. He instructs Eun Tak to summon him at a specific time before hunting down the villain. Before he leaves, he sweeps Eun Tak in a passionate kiss. She is stunned but reciprocrates. But obviously, she is uneasy and unsettled at his sudden heated gesture, suspecting he is up to something. I love both actors’ portrayal here and I love the swoony kiss.












So it happens. Eun Tak realises her existence all along was to be a tool for evil eunuch to take revenge on Shin. She begs Shin to kill her first before the eunuch uses her to kill him but to no avail. Eunuch possesses Eun Tak but Reaper comes to the rescue, managing to hold off the eunuch while Shin wraps his over hand over Eun Tak’s and pulls the blade out of his body.

He brandishes his cursed sword and strikes the eunuch to nothingness – which I think is too light a sentence for him. Shin turns to Reaper, who is already crying at the knowledge that Shin will disappear and die. Without any resentment, Shin asks for Reaper’s/Wang Yeo’s forgiveness for dying only now. Awwwwwww… love that Shin did forgive Reaper in the end.

Eun Tak, who had fainted earlier, stirs and rushes to Shin, who is dying. GAAAAAAH. She hugs him tight, sobbing. Shin is as sorrowful but at peace as he weakly tries to comfort Eun Tak. But Eun Tak is inconsolable, clutching Shin’s hand, wailing that he promised not to let her hand go.












She confesses that she loves him and he replies that he does, too. Eun Tak is shocked at his confession and he smiles lovingly, “From the beginning, I already loved you.” OMO. He fades off and starts to disappear and Eun Tak screams in agony, sobbing her heart out. What rips my heart further is Shin who keeps smiling at her until his last breath. GAAAAAAAH. Kim Go Eun is so raw here in her devastation and I’m moved by the way she cries here. You can explicitly feel Eun Tak’s pain at being left behind by her immortal lover, right after he confesses his love for her, the love that she had been yearning for. This is the raw emotion that I love Kim Go Eun for in her movies that it is finally being displayed here. Gong Yoo was lovely in expression the myriad emotions Shin was feeling. Beautiful scene.





Episode 14 is being pre-empted and will be shown next Friday instead, while the last two episodes will be shown together next Saturday. At least we can be comforted by the fact that the remaining episodes will see our OTP reunited. I’m extremely intrigued as to how they will there.

But for this week, the four leads were awesome and I’ve never been so affected by an OTP separation before. Gong Yoo was quietly majestic in his fury and sorrow, while I’m so happy Kim Go Eun was allowed to be Kim Go Eun.