heaven is in your eyes… sound… kiss


Awwww… the beautiful voice of Roy Kim. He sings with Kim Lee Ji a bittersweet but candy floss light ost, Heaven, for The Lonely, Shining Goblin. The song played in Episode 13 when Eun Tak summoned Shin after her scary run-in with evil eunuch. The lyrics perfectly describe the OTP separation and we all know heaven takes a rather solemn meaning in this drama. Now I get why Ailee’s song is titled I’ll Go To You As First Snow since there was part of Shin’s heartbreaking farewell speech to Eun Tak. But the song still feels a little too mainstream for the way this production is being filmed and directed. But Heaven is lovely and the MV is beautiful. It is a little hard to understand the destined romance between the goblin and his bride but this MV pieces together their heartwarming, stirring relationship and destiny rather intricately. I love how Eun Tak’s smile is always so bright, which draws out an answering blissfully awed smile from our immortal warrior.