rain + kim tae hee to wed on January 19!!!!!!!!


AHHHHH!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!! The date isn’t confirmed as some reports state they are marrying in February. Whatever. Rain announced through Instagram that he will be tying the knot with Kim Tae Hee. The ceremony will be small and private, and rumoured to be held at church. He sweetly mentioned in his message that she steadfastly, unwaveringly stood by him through the good and bad, and has done so much for him that has touched and moved on many levels. He also stated he was ready to be a husband. He ended his message declaring, “She is the greatest present of all.” OH MAAAAANNNNN. I’m gonna cry because it’s such a sweet, sincere message and totally aligned and fitting to how low-key they have been so far. Apparently, even their managers didn’t know until the last minute. I’m so happy for both since I love them individually and together to pieces. Congrats to the wonderful, gorgeous couple and I hope they will release at least one picture of their wedding!!!! LOVE.