preview: guardian: the great and lonely god episode 15 + 16


You know, The Lonely, Shining Goblin may just be my favourite drama of all-time, barring a stupid ending tomorrow. I think it may even beat my beloved Faith if it ends well. Episode 14 was beautifully shot (now I get why the production team needed another week to get the special effects right because Shin’s middle heaven was just crazy gorgeous) and beautiful in content. I’m sure I’m not the only one that wished Kim Eun Sook had written more scenes with Eun Tak all grown up because Kim Go Eun is just so herself as a 29-year-old. The chemistry between she and Gong Yoo is unique but stirring, and throw in Reaper’s and Sunny’s contribution to the whole narrative… this is such an unforgettable drama. I cried again in this episode, feeling the pain of all four main players, especially Eun Tak and Shin.

I have no idea how this is going to end but I want a happy ending for everyone. The snippets of Eun Tak and Shin hugging and making out we get in the preview are filmed so wonderfully and infused with so much palatable feeling and passion, the actors are in fine form in terms of romantic rapport and I LOVED the close-up of them almost kissing. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episodes yet I’m dreading the end of what must be Kim Eun Sook’s masterpiece of her career so far. I’m glad she pursued and convinced Gong Yoo to act in this drama. It just needs a HAPPY ending where everyone lives to at least 80. I hope the previews are just red herrings.