gong yoo set to rake in hundreds of million won more in 2017 as compared to 2016


The cash register is ringing non-stop for Gong Yoo. His management company recently stated that because filming for The Lonely, Shining Goblin was hectic for the last four months, Gong Yoo hadn’t been able to shoot commercials and ads for brands he is currently signed to. But now that the drama has wrapped, his schedule is packed for the next two months to clear this backlog of advertising commitments, which will include around three to four overseas shoots. Filming for the drama ended in the wee hours of January 21 and he jumped straight back to honouring his various contracts on January 22.

He reported earned around 1 billion won in 2016 (about USD860,000) in modelling fees, thanks to box office hits, Train To Busan and Age Of Shadows. He is expected to earn hundreds of million won more in 2017 because of his role as Kim Shin, which has made him even hotter property and earned him immense adoration from international fans.

He has currently comfirmed three new contracts in addition to his present lucrative pool, with between six and seven more pretty much guaranteed to be in the bag soon. Inquiries about advertising contracts are coming fast and furious from overseas, too. An advertising insider claims that Gong Yoo has received about 100 contract proposals but the management company is being shrewd and discerning about accepting only those that are suitable to his image, and being careful to disregard overlapping items.

Well, he is definitely not going to rest on his laurels for long and no doubt has plans to return to the silver screen very soon. So just keep those advertising dollars rollin’ in…