rebel: thief who stole the people drops angst-filled teasers


I’m mildly interested in this MBC sageuk since the plot is rather compelling. Yoon Kyun Sang is dorky charming and always good but I found him a little clumsy and clunky in Six Flying Dragons as a warrior. He will reprise somewhat part of that role here, where he plays a rebel who becomes popular with the citizens in a time of political upheaval. Well… sageuks rarely take place in peacetime so this ain’t new. But I’ve glimpsed enough bloodied action to convince me to give the first few episodes a try. The drama kicks off next Monday. SBS loves the gangly actor but hasn’t been forthcoming in casting him in lead roles. So it is pretty sweet that MBC has decided to take a chance with this viewers’ favourite – hope the network’s gamble will pay off in the form of decent TV ratings. By the way, is just me or is Yoon Kyung Sang styled eerily similar to Lee Min Ho in Faith? Same wardrobe colours, same Raggedy Ann perm.

Watch 3rd teaser here…