vip wraps up filming


South Korean noir film VIP (working title) starring Lee Jong Suk in the titular role, together with Kim Myung Min, Park Hee Soon and Jang Dong Gun about the shadowy doings of secret intelligence agencies. I live for these kinda stuff so I’m totally looking forward to this. Filming started last October and wrapped last week. The movie is slated to be screened sometime this year.

The son of a high-ranking North Korean official is a suspected to be a serial killer in South Korea – that would be Lee Jong Suk, the VIP. South Korean policeman (Kim Myung Min) is dead certain “VIP” is the culprit while South Korean National Intelligence agent (Jang Dong Gun) has his own agenda in capturing “VIP” before the police does. Park Hee Soon is the North Korean security agent sent to hunt “VIP” down and in this brewing pot of espionage, murder and trouble also is the American CIA, which “VIP” is linked to.