the return of running man: let running man be running man


Awwww. I’m happy that Running Man has decided to keep going. Kim Jong Kook is not called the Capable One for nothing since he helped negotiate the longevity of the show. I completely stopped watching after hearing news that it was going to end because I didn’t have the heart to watch such a synergistic cast conclude so bleakly, amid the ridiculous manner SBS handled the whole issue. I love the show but I’m also with fans that state that the episodes have gotten really sterile and boring over the last few months.

I wish the writers and PDs would just stick to the winning formula that defined the series from the start – tons of running, chasing, nametag-ripping, awesomely fun overseas missions, silly, entertaining games and fun guests. Sometimes, perfection is in simplicity. I just found all the recent episodes too cerebral and convoluted and forced for my taste, and not on an intellectually challenging or stimulating level either. I’m no writer or producer, but I honestly think there is no need to over-think the games and plot twists when the cast know each other so well and have such wonderful chemistry with each other. Pick interesting, easygoing, sporting guests and throw them into awkward situations and we’ll have the Running Man we all love to bits. I know it is easier said than done but I have faith in the cast and wish the crew would have the same faith, too. Let Running Man be Running Man.

I’m not sure how true the rumour is of getting Kang Ho Dong as the seventh member but SBS doesn’t seem to want to let up on the comedian. I like Kang Ho Dong but I would prefer if SBS took a gamble on a fresh, new face (soooo many fun-loving idols and young stars our there determined to make a name for themselves!!!) or get veteran actors – instead of comedians – to join the lineup. Inject something refreshing to liven things up. Or JUST get Gary back. HA.