choi jin hyuk returns to the small screen in ocn’s tunnel


Nice to see Choi Jin Hyuk again and it’s yet another time-travelling drama – this time in the form of a tunnel and waaaaay into the future (for the protangonist who lives in 1986)… about 30 years to present-day Seoul. I’m not sure whether Tunnel and Tomorrrow With You will suffer the consequences of viewer fatigue though the narrative arcs are vastly different. But time travel is time travel no matter the time machine or context involved. The drama also stars Yoon Hyun Min and Yoo Lee Young. I guess the rather interesting plot point is that the characters of both Choi Jin Hyuk and Yoon Hyun Min are detectives…but in different eras which will surely lead to some dynamic friction as both try to investigate the strange phenomenon of time travel.