the prison drops 1st trailer


Oh boy. I so wanna watch this! Looks thrilling and packed with action. Super SBS doctors Kim Rae Won and Han Seok Kyu hang up their scrubs to pit brains and brawn as inmates in upcoming movie, The Prison. I was amused when I saw Jo Jae Yoon, who is currently playing an inmate in SBS’ Defendant, in the cast. HA. It’s a SBS gathering of hit dramas! Kim Rae Won is a former detective who deliberately gets himself incarcerated to dig deeper into his younger brother’s crim-linked death. There he meets an arrogant, mercurial inmate (a blistering Kim Seok Kyu) the unoffical king of the prison with suspected connections to organised crime in the outside world. Damn. Love the shot where Kim Seok Kyu rounds up his underlings, dressed in a leather jacket thrown over his prison garb. So bad-ass.

The movie premieres in March.