a single rider drops trailer


It is very rare Lee Byung Hun plays an ordinary man but he does in The Single Rider, which co-stars Gong Hyo Jin. I didn’t have much interest in the film when I first heard about it but after watching the trailer, it actually looks rather stirring. Lee Byung Hun plays a hedge fund manager caught in the throes of a national scandal and decides to go visit his violonist wife and son in Australia before all s**t hits the fan. He had sent his family there two years ago for his son’s education but realises upon his visit that his wife has been living her own life all along. He discovers she has been having an affair with her neighbour and instead of confronting her, he chooses to watch her stealthily. I do like what I see in the trailer, including a very humanistic Lee Byung Hun, which I haven’t seen in awhile.