kim tae hee glows for cellcure


But her cf glow can’t beat her post-wedding glow we saw at her honeymoon jaunt shots at the airport. What struck me about these pics is how similar they look to Kim Tae Hee’s wedding pics – at least those with her hair pulled back into a bun. The newlyweds are apparently in the U.S, and attended the recent Grammy’s since Rain posted a pic of him at the show on his Instagram. I guess it would be nice to be away from the Korean media for a little while to enjoy some peaceful solitude. I wonder how often they would allow themselves to be snapped in public after marriage. They laid lower than low in the five years that they dated, refusing to attend or be seen at any events or anywhere together. Even in China when they were there together for the same event but did not appear together. I’ll be happy if they do turn up at movie premieres and award ceremonies as a couple occasionally. Just because they look so happy and gorgeous together.