seo ye ji is classy charm


I’ve developed quite a liking for Seo Ye Ji, who is currently starring as a strong-willed princess in Hwarang. I’m not following the drama but catch snippets of it occasionally. She is one of those actresses that I like even though I haven’t actually properly watched a drama with her in it. It’s the case of “Whenever I see her, I like her”. Here she is looking elegant and statuesque at a recent event – love the dress, but the belt and heels are a tad tacky.

Seo Ye Ji’s innate steely charisma onscreen appeals to me, plus she carries herself with a natural sophistication that reminds me of Su Ae. Thus, I was tickled when a recent media report mentioned that her voice is almost a replica of Su Ae’s. I did notice she had a pleasantly deep voice for a woman, but it didn’t clicked until now that she sounds like Su Ae who I really, really adore.

For what I have seen of Hwarang, I do think poor Go Ara is miscast and her makeup artist and hair stylist should be fired. She looks so pale and dowdy even though I know she is supposed to look pale and dowdy. But since when pale and dowdy was really pale and dowdy in Korean dramaverse? I’ve mystified since I’ve seen Go Ara look so much better in other productions.

Au contraire, Seo Ye Ji looks all lovely and princessy with her immaculate makeup and hair. Hmmm. I do think she may actually pair well with Nam Joo Hyuk if he accepts Bride of the Water God though I believe Shin Se Kyung is in the running for the female lead. Urgh. Not my fave actress by far but acceptable, I guess.

But yup, definitely, Seo Ye Ji is an up-and-coming actress I’m very keen to see more on my radar. And hey, she can pull off both modern and period roles, too.









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