one day drops trailer


When Kim Nam Gil isn’t dying, he hangs out with the almost dying. His new movie, One Day, with Chun Woo Hee can be considered lighthearted fare on his terms. Our resident gloomy, brooding actor plays an insurance agent who is suddenly able to see and communicate with the soul of a comatose woman he visits in hospital. The trailer has a warm rom-com vibe to it but we all know this can take a solemn turn at any point since the leading lady is technically in a physically non-responsive state and may be hovering at death’s door.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Kim Nam Gil actually stays alive this time round – I’m certain he would die in the end if he was the comatose one – and not do some sacrificial soul-swapping just so, ya know, he can keep his clean sheet of death. One Day is slated to premiere in April. Maybe it’s Kim Nam Gil’s way of jumping into spring on a high, happy note.