ji soo makes surprise appearance @ nam joo hyuk’s fan meet + awesome boys’ duet


I mean… is anyone really surprised Ji Soo made a surprise appearance at Nam Joo Hyuk’s fan meet? Was there even a possibility that Ji Soo was gonna give this a miss? I love the bromance and I MAJORLY squealed and swooned when they performed together in matching outfits. They sounded cool, looked gorgeous and exuded awesome chemistry. Double the swoooooon!!!!!!! Can YG just sign Ji Soo too so that these two can form some two-member group together? Imagine the fangirls. Check out the clip below and tell me how not to swoon when these two young, strapping fellas are singing and prancing in front of ya. SWWWWOOOOON.

Thanks to a dear reader for informing me Lee Sung Kyung attended the fan meet, showing support to her label mate.