yoo ah in + jo woo jin head overseas to film chicago typewriter


Yoo Ah In and Jo Woo Jin a.k.a adorably stoic Goblin secretary were seen at Incheon International Airport jetting off somewhere to film their new drama, tvN’s Chicago Typewriter, which is slated to run after Tomorrow With You. Im Soo Jung is the leading lady and tvN seems to be the go-to tv channel for movie stars to ply their trade in dramas. Well, tvN is owned by CJ Entertainment which produces plenty of big-budget Korean movies, so maybe the actors are reassured there will be a certain level of quality in production. Chicago Typewriter is about writers in 1930s era of the Japanese Occupation who are reincrnated in the present as various genres – and quality – of writers. Yoo Ah In takes on the role of a hugely popular author in present time but I’m pretty all the fates of the writers are linked through their previous lives and possibly, one msytery typewriter.