welcome to youn’s kitchen


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Na PD is a certified evil genius. Lee Seo Jin, Jung Yoo Mi and Yoon Yeo Jung will run a small Korean eatery in the sunny island of Bali, Indonesia for his latest variety offering, Youn’s Kitchen. The concept is simple yet hilarious and classic Na PD. tvN has dropped the video of the meeting of the cast and crew, where Yoon Yeo Jung gripes whether it would – or would not – be fine if she doesn’t do anything. Jung Yoo Mi meekly volunteers to be the dishwasher while Lee Seo Jin has that arrested-resigned reaction each time he hears of Na PD’s latest brainchild.

Na PD taunts that Lee Seo Jin doesn’t seem to be following the conversation very well and the latter finally exclaims, “We are running a restaurant?????” Nation’s Luggage Boy is so going to do everything from cooking to washing, isn’t he? Which I suspect is the main point of the show and to Na PD’s relish. Lee Seo Jin pretty much naturally excels at both duties, based on his previous shows. But this time he can’t exactly delegate duties to the maknae since it is an actress and the man has some Old World courtesy ingrained in that preppy, grumpy demeanour. BUT then again, I can envision he ordering Jung Yoo Mi around if business gets too brisk at the restaurant. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I totally can see this show garnering top ratings. This setup is absolute variety gold. Youn’s Kitchen premieres March 24 on tvN.

On a side note, His Royal Dimples looks hot in the teaser.