whisper drops scintillating teasers

The first two teasers of SBS’ upcoming drama pack a punch and I’m already excited. Coming from the writer of The Chaser, Empire of Gold and Punch, I can already imagine how gritty and well-paced the drama can be, and how deliciously self-destructive its characters can be. I was bizarrely addicted to Empire of Gold and followed Punch very closely despite not liking the OTPs very much. So I’m pretty much expecting the same in this case with Whisper since I’m already intrigued by the teasers.

The writer delights in the man-on-the-street fighting the system, fighting powers, both lawful and unlawful, and well, basically fighting the world and even love interests. Honour and integrity are always questioned, and the truth is usually one that twists and turns. Best of all, the writer usually pens fairly decent female leads. I suspect SBS has another ratings winner in Whisper.