lee jung jae’s new movie drops posters

Tentatively titled Enemy Soldier in English, Lee Jung Jae stars as the bodyguard to the famous – or infamous – Prince Gwang Hae, played by Yeo Jin Gu. The posters read “The King abandoned the nation” and ” Joseon was divided by a stone, and the king abandoned his nation”.

Both posters are striking in their own way: the first one with the king kneeling in the mud, begging his enemies in his dragon robe is almost macabre; while the second poster sees Gwang Hae and his steadfast bodyguard – save their faces – next to each other, but facing different directions. Hmmmmm… would opposing ideals ultimately lead to Gwang Hae’s loyal protector turning into an enemy soldier?

The movie is set to be summer movie, premiering in June.