a sense of song

There are some OSTs that bring about instant recall of the respective dramas they represent. That is, once I hear the song, I automatically know which drama it was from. I didn’t pick series shown in the last couple of years since that would be too recent. If you guys have songs that bring about immediate recognition, feel free to share.

Faith – Carry On
My fave OST ever. Fabulous song. Fabulous drama. Lee Min Ho was the ultimate dream as the stoic warrior, Choi Young.

Love In Havard – So In Love
Once I got over the weird English, I thought this song was kinda charming. Actually, watching this MV makes me realise how rabid I was over the drama when it was airing. Kim Tae Hee and Kim Rae Won need to be paired again – they had great chemistry as a pair of college lovers, but now that they are older, I suspect their chemistry would be off-the-charts in terms of sexy sizzle.

Star’s Lover – Encounter
Yoo Ji Tae’s intense portrayal of a literature professor deeply in love with a top actress still sends thrills up and down my spine every time I watch this drama. Haunting and stirring is this song.

Iris – Don’t Forget
This is another fave of mine – even more so since I love Baek Ji Young. The song is full of sweeping romance and grandeur despite its rather simplistic lyrics. Love.

The Pursuit Of Happiness – By Your Side
Solid drama. Pefect chemistry. Beautiful melody and lyrics.