youn’s kitchen holds press conference

Shin Gu is just unbearably adorable, with his benevolent grin and spiffy fashion sense. The cute cast of Na PD’s latest tvN offering, Youn’s Kitchen, is set to serve you pineapple and what’s not in the sunny island of Bali. Was Jung Yoo Mi always so bright and bubbly? Or has the show brought out her inner child? Whatever the reason, I like that she’s all skips and girly cheer… though I can’t get over how rail-thin she is. Lee Seo Jin and Yoon Yeo Jung are a majestic pair, even in aprons and toting pineapple and water jugs. Shin Gu holds his menu proudly like a PhD certificate, while Poor Jung Yoo Mi ended up with a feather duster, a hint to her position of power in the kitchen crew. Heh. I absolutely can’t wait for this series to kick off this Friday.

photo credits as stated