first peek of lee jong suk + suzy in new drama

Suzy chops off her long locks for her new drama with Lee Jong Suk. The two were caught filming While You Were Sleeping, acting all lovey dovey. Kinda reminds me of the early BTS cuts of she and Kim Woo Bin when they were prepping their drama.

While You Were Sleeping will broadcast over SBS, which has been on a good run concerning their primetime slots. Suzy is an ordinary girl who can foresee unfortunate events of the future in her dreams. Lee Jong Suk plays a prosecutor – we are getting lotsa legal professionals at this network – who races against time to ensure those bad events ain’t happening on his watch. Er well… Suzy has yet to grow on me as an actress so I’m hoping Lee Jong Suk will step up in a huge way and carry the drama on his slim shoulders. But then again, this could be Suzy’s breakthrough piece of work and she may spring a surprise on the audience.