explosive emotions at chicago typewriter script reading + character teasers

Yoo Ah In veers into a kooky rage at the script reading of Chicago Typewriter and Im Soo Jung coolly counters him without missing a beat. I guess this hints the tone of the tvN drama, which is directed by the PD who recently helmed On The Way To The Airport. I thought that drama was just beautifully shot, brimming with depth and feeling. If anything, you can sure Chicago Typewriter will be of the same – or better since the cable network seems to have magic cameras – quality.

The latest teasers explain how Im Soo Jung went from Yoo Ah In’s #1 fan to #1 anti-fan – since her idol asked her to “Get lost!”. We also find out what Go Kyung Pyo’s condition is – our famed author isn’t allowed to date or fall in love. Okaaaaaay. This all sound mad enough. Let the show begin on April 7.