brotherly hijinks + starry gazes in man x man

Hahahahaha. I love the second teaser of JTBC’s Man X Man. Park Sung Woong as an airheaded Hallyu star who can’t act? Oh man, if he is anything like Joo Sang Wook in Fantastic, I’m in. I keeled over in laughter at the “He’s my brother, soulmate.” line and Park Hae Jin’s subsequent disdain, plus the stars in his eyes when Park Hae Jin was leading him away in a dead run, neck cushion, sleeping robe and all. Gah. This is going to be a scream despite all that purported James Bond-sy stuff. But is the Hallyu star’s silly cluelessness all an act? The super spy agent obviously thinks so since he relates in the voiceover that something doesn’t feel quite right about his charge.