whisper holds press conference

The ladies took turns whispering sweet nothings to a dimpled Lee Sang Yoon. And then everyone took the stage together to be whispered to. Sorry, all I can see in this set of images is Lee Sang Yoon, his dimples, and his sharp suit. Love Park Se Young’s cheery countenance but abhor her see-through-shirt-exposed-bra tease, which is rather passe and just ruins it for me. Lee Bo Young’s awkward cut-out dress did nothing for me, too. So is it Lee Sang Yoon all the way for me here. Whisper premieres next Monday on SBS, succeeding Defendant, which ended on a roaring high. I do think Whisper will do equally well, if not better, coming from a critically acclaimed writer who does political-legal thrillers with deft eloquence.

photo credits as stated