into the black@saint laurent

Lee Soo Hyuk, Jung Woo Sung, Park Hyung Sik, Shin Se Kyung and more gathered for a Saint Laurent event. I love and adore thee, Saint Laurent. Hands down my favourite designer brand of all time since I love black, sharp suits and blazers, and cool hardware. Granted, not all Saint Laurent collections are dark and edgy, but there are always dark and edgy options each season. I seriously covet the bags and jackets the ladies are wearing. Sigh.

Argh. Lee Soo Hyuk looks so skinny… I like him so much better when he is packing more meat and muscle. But he wears his outfit very well. Park Hyung Sik looked pretty good though I don’t like his jacket. Jung Woo Sung looked… liked a very well-dressed ajusshi. Think it is the hair. I like his jacket though. I thought the Winner boys cleaned up well, too. Or maybe it’s just Saint Laurent.

photo credits as stated