ferragamo fleur

Salvatore Ferragamo scored an impressive turnout for its event and again, Seol Hyun, topped my style list. I seriously wonder whether she gets first dibs on outfits since she has been consistently looking pulled together and sharp at such parties. I luuuuuuurve her purple skirt and how she was styled altogether – classy with a touch of sexy. Oh Yeon Seo was second in my books, looking vivacious and steely at once. The rest of the ladies were lost in flowers and flounce reminiscent of some granny era, with the exception of Jung Ryeo Won who managed to look off-beat chic still as per her usual modus operandi.

Lee Dong Wook was a breath of fresh air in a solid-hued, immaculate suit, while Seo Kang Joon joined the ladies in their garden fashion. He didn’t look half bad though. Oh, Uee… her hair… her dress… why???? I’m guessing Lee Sung Kyung isn’t impressed much with her own outfit but I thought she looked the best among all those flowery frocks. Plus, the trend must be over-long, natural waves since most of he actresses are sporting the look.

photo credits as stated