by the beach

The best thing about Lee Seo Jin is the fact he genuinely, unapologetically doesn’t give a damn most of the time – minus his immaculate manners with elders. In Youn’s Kitchen, he goes for morning jogs and swims at the beach, and cycles everywhere. He states he loves the feeling of sweating it all out. He goes shirtless confidently even though he doesn’t possess the ubiquitous chocolate abs that seems to be the prerequsite of male Korean actors. He is utterly comfortable in his own skin, which makes him so fun to watch in variety shows.

Youn’s Kitchen is a great watch and once again, Na PD manages to pull a team with winning chemistry. And of course, it is always excellent editing on his end of things. Shin Gu is nicknamed “Goblin Gu”, thus is always accompanied by the Goblin soundtrack. Love how Lee Seo Jin immediately jumps to his feet and runs to escort Shin Gu when he realises who their part-timer is. Ha. Love Na PD and his quirky ideas.