most adorable waiter ever

Veteran actor Shin Gu has always been cute but he is his most endearing as a waiter in Youn’s Kitchen. His warm, fatherly manner wins over customers, young and old, and he’s just so cute! He’s hardworking: never sitting down, always up on his feet doing something. He comments that he is just trying to do everything he can to ensure the comfort of their customers. He moves tables, sweeps the floor and keenly tries to spot potential customers as they stroll by the cafe. It does help that he can speak decent English and strangely enough, I like hearing him speak it.

If you had watched the third episode, Na PD and his team had a major crisis on their hands since the original shop was torn down, and the crew and cast had to relocate immediately. They found another place, but had to renovate triple-time. So while Yoon Yeo Jung, Jung Yoo Mi and Lee Seo Jin preppeed in the new kitchen, Shin Gu had to turn down several potential customers since the cafe was not ready yet. But he managed to sell a bottle of water to a tourist and was so proud of himself that he headed straight for the kitchen to toot his horn. Hahahahaha. Love how Yoon Yeo Jung and Lee Seo Jin were so amused.