embracing the sweet + sexy secret romance…

I watched the first two episodes of My Secret Romance back-to-back…and I love it!!!It’s amazing what great chemistry can make up for and I’ll share four moments in the hasty-but-sexy tumble-in-the-car scene that won my heart instantly. The drama is refreshingly unpolished, cheesy but well-done cheesy, peppered with lovely, swoony moments of sincerity and vulnerability. Even a little slapstick humour can’t and won’t deter me from this cute, charming little gem. Sung Hoon I always never minded, but I really like Song Ji Eun. There’s a sweet, spunky, relatable warmth to her that reminds me of Kim Ji Won. I find her watchable and she has an effortless, easy rapport with Sung Hoon. I like this newbie gal. Check this drama out if you are yearning for somethin’ fluffy yet enjoyable.

Before I go on about what I absolutely adored about the car scene, I would like to say I already like the two lead characters : Jin Wook and Yoo Mi. Jin Wook isn’t your predictable standard, uncaring asshole chaebol heir who forces his way with the female lead. Yoo Mi isn’t your usual annoying, starched Candy Girl who jumps a mile into the sky and gets affronted by the tiniest of touch by the male lead. The OTP is spontaneous, wonderfully hot-blooded and plain likeable. Both have touchy parental issues, but there is a unfiltered openess about the way they interact that I really appreciate.

So the OTP meet under cheesy circumstances and comical disaster strikes each time they meet. Somehow, they end up stranded on the beach with a bottle of wine and a really convenient convertible. Car is out of gas so they can’t head back. Yoo Mi grumpily muses nothing ever goes right for her no matter how hard she tries and confesses she was bizarrely touched and even cried when Jin Wook asked whether she was all right. Jin Wook, on the other hand, is fascinated by her artless honesty and admits that it isn’t the first time he has made a girl cry, but it is the first time he has asked a girl whether she was all right. Also, it is the first time he has thought a total stranger pretty before.

Rattled by his directness and growing interest in her, Yoo Mi tries to escape and slips. Jin Wook catches her in time and swoops in to kiss her with a knowing grin… AND this is where I really love the PD and writer. The sprinkling fairy dust of emotional connection and unpractised spontaneity is precious between the characters. And makes the scene so much more enjoyable and stirring.

Moment #1
Yoo Mi shoves Jin Wook away and he is stunned by her rejection – I’m guessing he has never been rejected by a female before. Insecurity flares and he gazes at Yoo Mi with a dash of vulnerability [lovely acting by Sung Hoon here]… but Yoo Mi makes up her mind on the spot to go with the flow, grabs his coat, and pulls him in… and Jin Wook takes charge immediately, diving in to kiss her. GAH.

Moment #2
Jin Wook smothers Yoo Mi with kisses and tosses away his overcoat. It hits Yoo Mi what is coming next and she halts again, undecided. Jin Wook stops immediately and I LOVE how he stares at her, urgent and beseeching, but obviously waiting for her permission to go ahead. I sincerely believe he would have stopped altogether if she had wanted to. That pregnant pause of unguarded indecision was utterly sweet, and Yoo Mi finally nods dazedly, but again, she has made up her mind to follow through. Jin Wook heaves a sigh of relief – so cute! – and resumes heatedly and while Yoo Mi is untutored, she more than makes up for it with her guileless enthusiasm. Her reaction is so believable and plausible.

Moment #3
Jin Wook struggles to shed his shirt and Yoo Mi takes it as her cue to start undressing too, shrugging out of her jacket hastily, a little bewildered but determined to keep the momentum. Oh man, I was laughing yet I saluted her for being quick on the uptake and not shying away. I mean this must be the first time I have seen a female lead as proactive as the male lead, but in a really adorable manner. Jin Wook yanks her jacket off and Yoo Mi is genuinely amazed how much Jin Wook seems to want her. He fumbles with his shirt, and Yoo Mi, bless her practical soul, helps him to pop the buttons. I love these unwarranted, spontaneous little touches. I think Song Ji Eun was bashfully wonderful here – I could sense Yoo Mi’s anxiety but excitement at once at what lay ahead.

Moment #4
Jin Wook is practically straining to keep his self-control in check as they feverishly make out. He starts to unbutton Yoo Mi’s shirt and this is when shrewd, thoughtful directing kicks in. The way Jin Wook gently unbuttons Yoo Mi’s shirt despite his urgency is totally opposite of the way he earlier rips off his own. I love the contrast and the underlying nuances of it. He hits the button to close up the hood of the car and in a pure gift of fan-service swoon, Jin Wook lifts Yoo Mi and rolls over so that she ends up being on top of him. Again, I sighed at how he tenderly brushes back her hair back and cups her nape. They break apart at that and damn the raw, super sweet charged moment between Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun. I don’t know they did it but I LOVE it to bits. And the scene fades away as we see Sung Hoon’s back muscles bunching up while holding Song Ji Eun… and the hood slides close.

I LOVE IT. I love how tastefully the scene was done, with the right amount of ardour expected. There was a lot of fumbling around but it felt realistic yet delivered the heat and swoon. Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun were just perfect, banking on their natural chemistry to keep the scene sincere and steamy. Sung Hoon can kiss, all right. That roll-over move was executed with faultless precision.

So the story goes on. Yoo Mi sneaks away the morning after, leaving a bunch of nosey ajummahs to misinterpet that she ran away because Jin Wook wasn’t well-endowed enough down there. HAHAHAHAHAHA. And it is the humiliation of this that Jin Wook carries with him for the next three years. Hehehe. The two meet againn when she gets a job at his company as a nutritionist, and is unwittingly put in charge of preparing his meals. Jin Wook finds out who she is before she does and decides to dish out payback by throwing out all her meals. And… he finally reveals himself to her at the end of Episode 2.

The drama has definitely hooked me in all the right places. Casting is spot on, and since I already expected the drama to be cheesy, I found myself more invested in whether the couple could generate enough rapport to convince me that their one-night stand was significant to both of them. They convinced me so here I am. Gushing and raving.

Thank you, OCN.