yang se jong up for duel

Gah. Yang Se Jong is steadily going places. Catch him next in OCN’s Duel, a thriller featuring humans versus (their) clones. Eeeeeeeeeeks. Morbidly fascinating but should be meaty and well executed considered it is OCN doing the dark, twisted honours. I’ve been shamefully weak-hearted about clone-centric stories after watching the movie, The Prestige, starring Hugh Jackman. That was serious freakly and utterly disturbing in my books, especially that last scene… Urgh. But it is a good choice for Yang Se Jong, since he will be able to act alongside veterans Jung Jae Young and Kim Jung Eun. I mentioned how much I liked the newbie when he is in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim where I sincerely felt his innate charisma gave Yoo Yeon Seok a run for his money plenty of times in the drama.