ruler: master of the mask releases posters + cute love triangle stills

Is the prince scheming to keep his enemy close or genuinely too infatuated to see the dagger-encrusted danger his lady love presents? Intriguing poster. Kim So Hyun is holding the dagger in the two posters so her intention is as clear as day. The identity swap could prove the catalyst she needs for her revenge since the imposter is not only loyal to her, but in love with her, too. The mask swap could have saved the prince’s life initially, but it could also prove to be turning point leading to his downfall, in both love and power.

On a separate note, Kim So Hyun looks so lovely and I like the pics of the trio together. The drama kicks off over MBC on May 10.

I have a feeling fans who loved Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Geom in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds would be quite drawn to this OTP pairing, too.