friendly rapport at stranger behind the scenes

I feel a sense of déjà vu when I watch the BTS clips of Stranger – the polished yet relaxed air of Bae Doo Na on set reminds me of when Jeon Do Yeon was doing her thing during the filming of The Good Wife. Both give off a seasoned, professional vibe yet are so at ease, confident and comfortable in front and behind the camera. Cho Seung Woo is no different, grinning boyishly from ear to ear and cheeky when the camera isn’t rolling. He is extremely versatile, excelling on the small and silver screen, and is a legend on stage.

I love watching BTS clips of this select pool of actors because their star power and charisma exude naturally even when they are portraying ordinary-on-paper roles. Gotta thank tvN for somehow managing to coax all these movie veterans back to the small screen so that viewers can enjoy them for a longer duration instead of seasonal two-hour blocks in movie theatres.