more prosecutors + detectives running amok in lookout

I’m losing count of how many lawyers/legal professionals and detectives we have running around in dramaland currently and in the near future. But yet we have another in Lookout, which sees Lee Shi Young as a desperate mother hunting for her daughter’s killer and in the process, crosses swords with a ruthless prosecutor in the form of Kim Young Kwang. The teaser is really sleek coming from MBC… this looks like something out of tvN or OCN. Lee Shi Young is a hit-and-miss for me in terms of acting but watchable when I like the drama, like Golden Cross. Kim Young Kwang I will never love but I actually liked him in The Man Living In Our House. Maybe Su Ae brought out the best in him. He seems like a good fit to his character in what I see of him in this teaser so there is hope still. Plus, there seems to be plenty of action and thrills. Gonna keep a lazy eye on this one when it starts its run.