flamingo + me

It just tickles me to see the dignified Yoon Yeo Jung bumping around in an oversized pink flamingo float. Absolutely adorable how she waves and even better, it is Shin Goo who is pushing her around. Yoon Yeo Jung has this insouciant air of cool indifference in real life that I really love, and that Na PD cleverly exploits to variety perfection in Youn’s Kitchen. She is sharp, witty and self-deprecating most of the time, while Shin Goo is everyone’s favourite, affable grandpa. Yoon Yeo Jung is also fluent in English, speaking it a crisp, succinct manner very much like the lady herself. I can’t decide what I like more – Yoon Yeo Jung speaking English or Lee Seo Jin speaking English. But I definitely like Yoon Yeo Jung on an inflatable pink flamingo best.