kiss the chemistry

So most of the Korean dramas are being pre-empted due to media coverage of the South Korean presidential election. Was bored so I decided to come up with a ‘Kiss + Chemistry Collection’ collated from dramas I have watched over the past year/this year or so. I didn’t have to think hard at all to come up with the list – in no particular order or rank:

Yoona + Ji Chang Wook in The K2
Tell me there’s no slow-burn chemistry simmering in the below video. Luuuuuuurve.

Seo Hyun Jin + Eric in Oh Hae Young Again
Raw, sizzling and helluva sexy. Enough said.

Seo Hyun Jin + Yoo Yeon Seok in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim
The gal sure can kiss. But you need sparks with your co-star to makes those smooches count – she has enough with Yoo Yeon Seok to dish out the swoony.

Kim Ha Neul + Lee Sang Yoon in On The Way To The Airport
Forbidden love is always dangerously sweet. Low-key, mature chemistry that sensually rose to the occasion when required. The first time I’ve seen Kim Ha Neul so… unadulterated and passionate.

Kim Go Eun + Gong Yoo in Goblin
They had a sweet camaraderie going that morphed into good chemistry in their kisses and hugs. Maybe because the kisses and hugs were rare, but buzzed with emotional depth each time.

Jeon Do Yeon + Yoo Ji Tae/Yoon Kye Sang in The Good Wife
Well, she is THE Jeon Do Yeon practically every male actor aspires to work with at the pinnacle of their career. She creates different vibes with her two male co-stars in the drama and totally rules when it comes to effortless, natural kissing on camera.

Song Ji Eun + Sung Hoon in My Secret Romance
The most sexy tumble in the car since The Pursuit Of Happiness. Spot-on chemistry between the leads.