appetiser + poolside kisses

Aiiish. This drama makes my day. I love Jin Wook’s blunt honesty and Yoo Mi’s grudging honesty. I keep using the adjective “refreshing” to describe the drama because it just is. Episode 8 was pre-empted on OCN earlier this week but not on Oksusu. The couple continues to charm my toes off, make me laugh out loud, and sigh with a huge smile whenever they have a heart-to-heart with each other. And the skinship. Love the skinship. So sexy, so sweet, so swoony. And the kisses are just lovely.

I like that Jin Wook and his rather quirky dad have a good, humourous relationship. Dad is sharp and alert, and it was hilarious when he day-dreamt about all the little grandkids he could earn from his errant son. I don’t really think Dad is of the evil, high-handed sort – more like he’s insanely curious about what his son is up to. I’m sure he will eventually come around to Yoo Mi. I mean she is a much better cook than Hye Ri.

Jin Wook cooks dinner for Yoo Mi and he is adorably affected when she licks sauce off his finger to test the taste. He pecks her lips while handing over their dinner to her, declaring that’s only the appetiser and swoons in to kiss her longer while stealthily taking the plates from her. Ya know, I never knew swiping plates from someone could be so suave but Sung Hoon pulls it off with manly swagger.

Sung Hoon has pretty acute comedic timing and I admit he makes me chuckle with all his reactions and expressions. Anyway, Jin Wook doesn’t kiss Yoo Mi against her will since he only does so when he senses she doesn’t mind if he does. He likes to prod and probe her until she speaks from her heart, which is something I like about him. Plus, he is always the first to be upfront, even when he is embarrassed and caught red-handed keeping a gal’s boob pad as a souvenir. He isn’t the most smooth- talking guy around, but he is a brusquely charming one.

So Jin Wook plans a “business trip” to the resort where the two first had their bizarre run-ins three years ago. They share a bottle of wine and Jin Wook confesses he thinks about their one-night quite often – that is, whenever he drinks wine or is anywhere near the resort. He admits he was surprised she ran off the morning after. She explains she didn’t think anything would come out of it. Jin Wook is flabbergasted that she would think of him in such bad light but I don’t really blame her. He then asks whether Yoo Mi regrets their one-night stand and she mumbles that she does.

Jin Wook takes Yoo Mi to the pool…for her to watch him swim? Hahaha. Just in case he suddenly gets a cramp or a heart attack or whatever. Ha. Anyway, he asks her again whether she regrets that night, which exasperates her to no end. So she throw the question back at him and he answers without qualms that he doesn’t regret it at all since he was moved by her somehow that day. He doesn’t want to regret it or feel embarrassed because of it and he wishes she feels the same. Awwww. Sweet.

He asks her to pull him up and it’s so predictable what is to come. He pulls her in and sweeps her up in his arms. On one hand, he never lets go of her and the pool isn’t deep. On the other hand, I don’t really advocate such pranks since Yoo Mi said she couldn’t swim well and anything can happen in a panicky moment. BUT I’ll close two eyes to reality and just enjoy how Sung Hoon sweeps Song Ji Eun up in his arms and brushes her wet hair away from her face. And flashes that cheeky, boyish grin at her.

He pulls another prank on her and waves away the lifeguards. Scared to bits, Yoo Mi admits she doesn’t regret that night either and it was special to her. Because it was him that night, she liked what happened between them. Plus, she has seen the boob pad!!!!

That jerks him out of his act. HAHAHAHAHA. And he sputters, “You saw it??????” Yoo Mi is relieved and aggrieved that he is okay. They settle down and she teases him, calling him a pervert. He good-naturedly retorts that he was so confused then and ended up keeping the boob pad. He grumbles that she didn’t leave her shoe and calls her “Pponggerella”. Heh. “Ppong” refers to the boob pad. Jin Wook then shrugs that he could be a pervert at that but if he didn’t keep the boob pad, he wouldn’t have memories or anything to take away from that night with her. Awwwww… he’s just soooooo sweeeeeet.

Touched, Yoo Mi thanks him and kisses his cheek. Jin Wook clears his throat and suggests she does it again to prove her sincerity. HAHAHA. He’s so shameless. She leans in to kiss him his cheek again and this time he is prepared and turns his face so that their lips touch. Make that adorably shameless. And he kisses her, and kisses her, and kisses her. Again, it is full of sweetness. Again, it is sexy. Again, it is swoony. I love how they break apart and he is all dazed at first and then he smiles the happiest smile ever. SWOOOOOOOOOON. Jin Wook smiles and says this time they are both clear-minded. And goes in for another deep kiss. Love the real kissing.

They walk back to the rooms hand-in-hand and Jin Wook tries to score entry into Yoo Mi’s room but she doesn’t give in. He does ask about the initials on her boob pad and why it isn’t hers. They part and both think about each other. Meanwhile, back home, Dad demands to know who Yoo Mi is.

Back at the office, the couple (I assume they are of some status now) text each other happily. Hyun Tae comes to pick Yoo Mi from the office and Jin Wook seethes in jealousy when he sees that.

Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun are just so winning as Jin Wook and Yoo Mi. Their chemistry is very untutored, but perfect and spot-on in every scene. Granted, I’m a little annoyed that Yoo Mi still refers to her brother as a puppy but since Jin Wook will find out soon, I’m cool with it. I just want more honest conversation, more honest declaration of feelings, and more gosh-darned sincere, swoony kisses.