rain yearns for a daughter

It was Rain’s turn to appear on The Return of Superman after wifey, Kim Tae Hee, did so a few months back. It isn’t his first time since he is close to the Choovely family. It was Lee Beom Soo’s last day of filming for the variety show and the crew was at the movie set,Uhm Bok Dong, which stars Rain and is directed by the father-of-two. When Lee Beom Soo informed So Eul that Uncle Bi’s wife was Aunt Tae Hee, the girl replied, “She’s pretty.” The kids met her at an event a few months ago. Da Eul was totally charmed by Rain, and kept inviting him over to his place. Lee Beom Soo’s wife and Rain know each other from way back when she was his English tutor.

Rain said he would love a daughter like So Eul and later commented he thinks he would prefer a daughter over a son. doesn’t hurt when Baby Momma is supposedly the most beautiful woman in South Korea. I think their kid would be really cute, be it boy or girl. Hope to see a little one by the two running around soon. KBS didn’t upload the entire clip but you can see bits of Rain’s appearance below. He does seem quite a natural with kids.