so much eye candy in bride of the water god 2017

Here’s the video clip of the script reading of Bride of the Water God 2017. I can watch this drama solely for the collective hotness of the cast. Nam Joo Hyuk owns my heart, while Im Joo Hwan and Gong Myung themselves are quite high on my good-looking meter. As for Shin Se Kyung and Krystal, I’m thankful they are not sporting bangs that every actress seemed to have had last year, but long, flippy fringe. Krystal is close to gorgeous in my books while Shin Se Kyung can look pretty when styled well. She is styled well enough here so therefore she looks pretty. I’m quite endeared with the idea that the majority of the cast are gods and godnesses living in modern times, and sincerely hope tvN can work their magic and make this drama shine with ungodly success.

video credit as stated